"You are. And so am I.

As a songwriter, SAINT started as a way for me to bring the focus back on music, It’s understood that the more senses you use to learn something, the more it stays with you. My intention with SAINT was to make music a multi-sensory experience. To be able to have my listeners immerse themselves in the world I was building through sound. The music you listen to informs your worldview, your fashion sense, your mood, how well you perform at work or studying, how pleasant your commute is. I wanted to give this force with no form a body. Since then the brand has evolved beyond my body to a something music bigger than me. 

Music connects us all by bringing us to the same emotional landscape. It transcends culture and language, uplifts, and inspires. We can begin to understand the creator of the work and also ourselves as art becomes the mirror of self-reflection and introspection. It is a vehicle of true communication. We hear a song and lyrics and recognize ourselves in them. We feel a sense of connectedness across barriers as we empathize with the performer. It become spiritual symbiosis as we inspire and are inspired. I truly believe through this kind of communication, we can change the world.

What started as my personal project, became a way to build a community. A way to collectively say "WE'RE HERE (and we're not going anywhere!)." SAINT quickly became a way to celebrate People of Color, the LGBT+ community, and Women throughout the world who have been told throughout their lives, loudly and silently, that they are less than. SAINT is a way to quietly and radically rebel. To take space. To deflect negative energy. To express joy, resilience, and pride in ourselves, our cultures, and our incredible futures.


As a historically marginalized person, you have literally had the cards stacked against you since before you were born. If you've gotten this far; if you've survived or somehow thrived with the entire world pressing against you——then you my love, are a SAINT.”

- Angelica Allen,  Artist + CEO of SAINT

Through inclusive designs, heavy emphasis on self-care via free weekly content, and collaborations with like-minded artists in our community, SAINT x SAINT aims to inspire and empower.